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What kind of wood do you use in your log homes?

Lumberjack Log homes uses strictly Lodgepole Pine in our log homes. We feel that the growth properties of lodgepole pine match the characteristics that are necessary in a log home. Lodgepole pine is a medium-high density wood. This allows us to use this species in all aspects of the log package. Many log home manufacturers advertise a western white wood. Using one specie of wood allows us to eliminate some of the settling and aesthetic problems associated with using more than one specie.

What size logs are available?

Lumberjack Log Homes is proud to offer several different sizes of logs in our log homes. We can offer our clients 8″, 9″, 10″, & 12″ diameters. On some smaller sized log homes, a 7″ diameter is available. Our on-site log mill allows us to turn logs up to 30 feet in length.

What types of finishes are available on your logs?

Lumberjack Log Homes offers two finishes to our log homes. We offer a smooth milled finish, or for an additional cost we can offer a more rustic peeled finish.

What is included in the log home package?

Lumberjack Log Homes is generally limited to providing just the log materials for your new custom log home. The actual logs that are included with each log package can be seen on each model web-site. In addition to providing logs for your log home, we can provide exterior windows and doors, structural select 2×6 Tongue & Groove decking for any lofts, exposed roof systems, and porch roofs, Sikkens exterior stain, log accents, and log railing. 

What do windows and doors cost for my log package?

Lumberjack Log homes custom bids each window and door package for each log home. We cannot give a general package price, because there are several options to choose from when designing your log home. Each window manufacturer has multiple lines. 

What will my log home cost?

All homes built through Lumberjack Log Homes end up as custom log homes. There are many different material finishes that can be incorporated in your home. (e.g. Slate flooring is generally quite a bit more expensive than linoleum) Because you have the ultimate say in what you would like in your home, and building costs vary greatly across the United States, we can only estimate the finish cost of your home. Lumberjack Log Homes advises you work closely with your contractor, to help keep on budget.

Will Lumberjack Log Homes construct my log home?

Lumberjack Log Homes prefers not to general contract our projects. We are a family-run business that specializes in providing our clients with high-quality log packages. We have several independent contractors that specialize in using our log packages to provide you with a high-quality home. This also allows you to hire your own local contractors, or serve as your own contractor. This generally helps keep your construction costs low.

You don’t advertise my ideal floor-plan, how can I make my perfect floor-plan a reality?

We here at Lumberjack Log Homes are pleased to offer you in-house design services. 99% of our clients want a custom log home. Generally our standard floorplans are meant for idea generators, and will help get the general look of your new custom log home. We work closely with you to achieve the home you want, and work within your budget constraints.

How Do I get started, and what kind of lead-times are to be expected?

Once you have received all of your preliminary estimates and decide you would like to make your dream home a reality, generally the first step is to have formal plans made for your home. As mentioned earlier we offer in-house drafting and design services, for your convenience. We require a small plan deposit to begin this process. The drafting process generally takes a couple of weeks, to make sure that everything will work, and you get exactly what you want out of your log home. Once the plans have been approved and you are ready to start production of your house, the next step is to make your log package deposit. We require a %60 non-refundable deposit to start production of your logs. Once we receive your deposit, we then generate a cut-sheet for your approval, we order logs and begin milling your home. We the require the remainder of the log package prior to shipment.

Do your log homes use a “thru-bolt” fastening System?

We do not typically use a “thru-bolt” system in our log homes. We generally use Olympic Log Hog screws in our log homes. This system is generally much less complicated and expensive to assemble. Thru-bolts are generally reserved for log homes that are built using wood with a high moisture content. Generally the first course of logs is bolted to the foundation and the Log Hog screws are used from there up throughout the log wall. The result is the logs are fastened together throughout the wall, not at specific hold-down points.

How do you get such a low moisture content the wood for your log homes?

We use EXCLUSIVELY standing dead dry logs for our log homes. We are very selective on the wood that we use in our homes. Anything that has a moisture content of above 19% is automatically rejected. Standing dead timber is left to cure on the stump for several years before harvesting the lumber. Leaving the wood upright before harvesting allows the moisture to leave the tree through gravity. Also being exposed to the air, the logs can slowly cure, instead of being forced out as in Kiln-dried lumber. All vegetation gives off heat as part of the decomposing process. This allows the wood to cure as well. The logs are then harvested before the logs begin to decay and become nonstructural. This gives the lumber a low moisture content before it even leaves for our lumber yard. Once the lumber reaches us here at Lumberjack Log Homes, the logs acclimate to our dry environment, allowing the moisture content to lower even more. The result is dry, stable, structural wood in which to build your beautiful new Dream Log Home.

How do I properly seal and maintain my new Log Home?

The following link is to an article written by Texas A&M university regarding the independent study of Log Home Construction & Maintenance. This article was presented to us by TWP total wood protection produced by MFG Sealants.

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